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Courtesy Listing For Pets With Disabilities in Prince Frederick, MD

Name:  Charley
Age:  3 years old
Disability:  Luxating patella's
Breed/Weight:   Doberman mix

History:  Charley was found as a stray.  He was picked up and returned to the same shelter he was adopted from 3 years earlier as a puppy.  The shelter staff hearts sunk when they saw Charley's condition.  A body that should have weighed 70 pounds weighed only 40 pounds.  He was skin and bones and walking like an old man. They rallied around this boy, contacted many rescues,  and we responded and said yes. 

On January 21, 2014,  Charley had  luxating patella surgery.   Although Charley was very  functional, (after several consults with our orthopedic specialist and his regular vet), we all  felt correcting his knees would definitely be beneficial towards  his future.    We are hoping in time as his muscles are reconditioned his posture will improve.  What we  certain of is that Charley's  surgery has helped  with any future arthritic problems.   Charley has also safely put on necessary weight - so at 70lbs, he's now a strong, healthy boy - with a new set of knees.

Charley will need a few more weeks of recuperation  and therapy  but we are  now looking to find that special person for Charley,  if you are interested please fill out an application that can be found on our website (  or you can give us a call to discuss Charley's needs.
Charley is  true survivor.  Somehow he made it BACK to the safety of the same shelter that adopted him out 3 years earlier. The shelter manager was so sad to see this once vibrant puppy come back 3 years later in this horrid condition - emaciated -  and  by  the look of his physical condition,  might have spent much of his life in a crate too small for him.  After the shelter sent me his video, we felt the need to reach out and give this dog some human kindness. When he left the shelter, he ended up in the hospital, we believe he most likely gobbled up too much food at the shelter, it was too much for his GI system to handle.  As his internist explained to us,  his condition was grave and she was also sad to see a young dog in this condition.  Charley surprised us all and rebounded in a few days and was able to be transported to Pets with Disabilities. He walked thru our gates and we all just started crying,  we knew he was our project in so many ways.  

Charley's face says it all. He has a strong handsome face and his eyes are worth a thousand words! He so appreciates where he has landed! With every morsel of nutrients that goes into his body, we can all tell he is getting stronger and stronger.  He loves his new orthopedic beds,  loves pets and is beginning to learn how to socialize with his 4 legged (and 3 legged) buddies.  A very smart boy that has learned a lot about dogs and humans in a very short period of time.   His body is beginning to fill out, his physical gate is getting better, but Charley's back legs will always look a little different then most dogs.    The good news is Charley does not seem to be in any pain and finally has the freedom to exercise and strengthen all of his muscles, he is stretching and beginning to jump up on his hind legs.  He handles direction very well and will be a very loyal friend.

Check out these videos of Charley!

Charley when he arrived with grade 4 luxating patellas

The new and improved Charley just 2 weeks after double knee surgery

Please contact Sharon with any questions at 610-935-0896.



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