Doberman Pinscher Rescue


It's that wonderful time of year again! Time to fill our Christmas tree with lights and ornaments and help all of the Dobies in our program! Please consider making a donation to help us take care of more Dobies! Purchase your donations below!

Happy Holidays

Thanks to our generous donors!

Robin Amos - Merry Christmas from Chase. In memory of all our wonderful dobes that have crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge.

Francine Dwornick - In memory of Francis William Rappleye.

Charlotte Lessig - Merry Christmas from our Hazel and in memory of all our beautiful dogs. Charlotte and Bill

Ruth MacGregor - In memory of Ruth M. MacGregor, Sally and Jasmine.

Michael Pence - Merry Christmas in honor of Cody, our fun and loving doberman!

Tree topper Angel Presents
SOLD OUT! $50 $50 $25
Bell Snowflake Ball Twinkler
$25 $25 $15 $15